It's a really exciting time around here, there is so much going on. The least of which is this website getting a redesign. With the redesign comes new content and features like a 'blog.' Check everything out when you have the chance. I hope you enjoy the new site.

Some of the other changes that were made are less noticable, but still just as important. The info for Obscuring Reality has been updated to include a picture of the brand new cover I designed. A few people told me (And I agreed) that the old one was too bland. So, I changed it. It's much better now.

I am currently finalizing much of the content that will be in my upcoming book Obscuring Reality. As the book nears its release, expect to see more information here (And maybe in my brand new blog).

I have gotten great feedback on "My Fabulous Las Vegas Adventure," so while you may notice it currently doesn't exist on the new site it will soon be up in a more prominent area (Hint: My Blog). So keep an eye out for that as well.

I constantly strive to make this site the best it can be, so if you have any problems, suggestions, questions, comments, or ideas please feel free to contact me at Nick@Foxillusions.com.


Nick Fox
Founder of Fox Illusions